Werners personal juggling videos

no Pirouettes 3 OK, same type of stuff as before...29.5 MB
Die JOnglier-Theoretische Arbeitsgemeinschaft im Bayerischen Fernsehen (Dez. 1993)18 MB
almost no Pirouettes
Officially rated 2nd best Juggling Video of the WJVF (world juggling video federation) contest 2006
same type of silly and difficult stuff 27 MB
no Pirouettes funny stuff in all difficulty levels35 MB
bouncing 6, 7 and 8 balls9 MB
passing 13 balls with Thomas Dietz (short)1.9 MB

More or less stupid photos

12 balls 1-count async with Ludwig Klam(left)
12 balls 1-count sync with Ludwig
13 balls 1-count with Ludwig
strange flight paths
11 clubs 1-count with Frank Gitter(left)
11 balls 1-count with Thomas Dietz(left)

last update 14-jul-07