The Troth by Alex Service
The Troth (?)
by Alex F. Service

I think this was meant to be The Truth, rather than assuming that I knew the word "troth" at age six or whatever. And I've no idea what the plot really was, except that Leia announces to Luke and/or Han that she's going off to fight Vader, and then in a Phantom of the Opera type sequence she pulls off his mask and discovers that he's a rather nice looking dark haired guy, and then they hug and are happy, so goodness knows what that's supposed to mean. Perhaps I foresaw that he was going to be revealed to be her father, or maybe he was supposed to be her old boyfriend, or something. Anyhow, here is Leia in an interestingly coloured dress being captured by Darth and some stormtroopers, which may be just an illustration from the first film rather than an actual part of The Troth.
Alex Service The Troth

A scene from The Troth. Leia attacks Vader -- I'm not sure if she's weilding a blaster or a lightsaber.

Krieg der Sterneeee IV by M. and C. Simon
Krieg der Sterneeeee, Episode VII
by Cordula and Monika Simon

After seeing Return of the Jedi, Cordula, my younger sister, and I began working on a graphic novel that was to describe the adventures of Darth Vader (who somehow had survived - I think we never really bothered with the details of how and why) and Luke Skywalker. Though originally intended to become a serious work, the simple fact that we did not manage to fit the title "Krieg der Sterne" into the box it was supposed to fit in - instead it suddenly read "Krieg der Sterneeee" - ended this attempt. It went downhill from there…

Here we can see Han, Leia, Lando, an unknown Ewok, C-3PO and Chewbacca sleeping off their hangover after the victory party.
The Rebel Alliance by M. and C. Simon

The Alliance has assembled:

Chewbacca, The Loser (Adm. Ozzel), Mon Mothma, Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, the Emperor, General Madine, Han Solo.
The Rebel Alliance by C. and M. Simon

left to right: Lando, Spocki virus, Kaa (from the Jungle Book), R2aD2a, C3POa, Bib Fortuna, Jabba
front, left to right: Obi Wan, E.T., written in there (the little critter sitting next to Jabba), Giant Rancor, Yoda
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