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The Adventures of Darth Vader

Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure

The Unveiling

Disclaimer & Editorial
It was not in the dim and distant past, and definitely not in a galaxy far, far away. In fact, it was twenty-six years ago, in 1997, and the place was York, England.

Four like-minded people found each other and inspired by the re-release of the original Star Wars movies, they created new and developed old ideas to write stories set in the Star Wars universe.

Many a happy day and night was spent discussing the various projects (some of which are published here, some are not), debating everything from the unfortunate positioning of the Star Destroyers' shield generators to the tricky question of Imperial officers' underwear. The stories grew and prospered.

However, remember this, our stories were based solely on what you can see in the three original films. While we read a number of official novels - which, I suspect, continue to be published in great numbers - we decided not to pay any attention to them (unless we felt like it). Additionally, there is startlingly little you learn about a great number of things, even in the novels: What for example was the name of Luke and Leia's mother?

The official books offer so little information about what happened before the original films start that it can only have been an official restriction placed on the authors. The explanation they give, that the Empire destroyed all evidence of the Old Republic, just won't wash as a lot of the characters, including Han Solo, are old enough to remember the last days of the Old Republic and the rise of the Emperor.

In the absence of an official version we invented our own history and filled in the blanks based solely on the original three films (and the novelizations of these). Obviously, our version deviates completely from the prequels and associated novels. This just to remind those of you readers who want to jump into our faces about 'mistakes'. (And yes, they were people who felt the need to do this.)

For us, the prequels were made too late, and we cannot say, we are sorry about this. Like most people who love the original films, we pretend they do not exist.

As far as the recent films are concerned, they were very entertaining (I thought), but that is neither here nor there.

Unsurprisingly we all moved on since then, literally and in our interests, and hence this site is (mostly) static. There will be no new additions. 

No offence or infringement of any copyright is intended!

Praise for the Star Wars Literary Guild:

The Adventures of Darth Vader
"I've read The Adventures Of Darth Vader more than once, because it's better than all of the official Star Wars novels out there."

Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure
"I love imperials more than anything else in Star Wars, so a fic which shows them in a good light saved my day. In fact, this was so good I read it eight hours nonstop and still wasn't finished."

The Unveiling
"Boba is one of my favourite characters and I had been looking for a good fic about him who knows how long....Actually, this is the only good original character romance I've read."


Darth Vader The Adventures of Darth Vader
by Alex F. Service
At the end of Return of the Jedi Darth Vader renounces his allegiance to the Emperor and joins forces with the Rebellion. Will the New Alliance overcome the tension between former Rebels and former Imperials?

Admiral Piett Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure
by Monika E. Simon
Admiral Piett escapes the destruction of the Executor and reaches the surface of Endor. Here he encounters Ewoks, colleagues and Rebels.

Fan Art inspired by Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure
The Re-enactment of Admiral Piett and the Great Ewok Adventure in Grizzly Creek State Park (aka the Forest Moon of Endor) with Lego

Boba Fett The Unveiling
by Kirsty Hartsiotis
When Luke sets out to rebuild the Jedi Order, he finds two unlikely candidates in Boba Fett and Arla Gen, another bounty hunter. But can one be a Jedi and a bounty hunter at the same time? With Imperial forces threatening the New Republic, can they trust a man who hides his true identity behind his battle-scarred Mandalorean armour?

The Early Years
by Monika E. Simon
What happened to Anakin Skywalker to turn him into Darth Vader? How could Senator Palpatine turn the Old Republic into a dictatorship and disband the Jedi Order? What were the Clone Wars? An alternative prequel based on what (sparse) information is provided in the original films. - Fragments.

Bib Fortuna Juvenalia
by Alex F. Service, Monika E. Simon and Cordula S. Simon
Some fun pictures created in the distant past.

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Disclaimer & Editorial


Picture Gallery: The Star Wars Literary Guild through the ages…

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