Boba Fett

Boba Fett: The Unveiling

by Kirsty Hartsiotis


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Well, here I am. First to start writing on Stars Wars that halcyon year, last to appear on the website. A late starter with the films, as well. I must confess that, at the release of the Special Editions I was, if not a Stars Wars virgin, then at least not very experienced like my two colleagues here. I never saw any of them in the cinema, and I remember staring in bewildered puzzlement at the toy AT AT's in toyshop windows in the early 80s. Even at university when Star Wars all-nighters were not uncommon in the film society, I somehow never got round to going. So, until then, my experience was limited to the small screen, and my knowledge of the plot and characters was slender. Hey – I even quite liked ewoks!

I had never even noticed Boba Fett. But why not? Only Darth himself is more cool – or maybe not: Bobes never gets hot under the collar about anything, and Darth has been seen to lose it on occasion. I know my fellow guild members may well disagree with me on this one, but for me, Boba Fett seemed the absolute quintessence of the mystery man, and I felt sure that there were dark secrets lurking in his past, ones that caused him to put on that Mandalorean battle armour and never, ever take it off (except, of course, in the privacy of his ship Slave I, for the necessities of washing, etc.). The history of this man began to burn in me, and I sat down and began to type...

The years of the Star Wars Literary Guild were defining in my life too. It started me writing again after many years of writer's block. Alex and I began to feverishly collect action figures and sweets relating to the trilogy; we spent hours and hours together talking about the films, watching the films, reading (oh dear) the published fiction and drinking. We even took a Wedge action figure on holiday to the Wild West with us. And even after the passion had faded for Star Wars a little, as we all came to the end or near the end of our novels, the passion for writing did not, and we all started to work on other projects together and spent many happy hours discussing them as well. It is no joke to say that I would not have got through the incredibly tedious job I had at the time without Alex, Michael & Monika – and Bobes and his friends swirling around my head. I still look back at my years in York as halcyon days.

Alex and Moni worked together to create the other stories that are on this website. They are roughly within the same universe. My story is different. Admittedly, many things are the same, and if you read The Adventures of Darth Vader, Admiral Piett & the Great Ewok Adventure and Boba Fett: the Unveiling, you will see correlating events taking place, but my novel is working in a slightly different universe. For example, Darth does die at the end of Jedi, I'm sorry to say. Although he does appear in the story...
Kirsty and Boba Fett

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