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Thom Kafka, Square Dance Caller

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I'm a Square Dance Caller in Germany, calling in the Munich Square Dance Area. I started dancing in 1978, attending the first class of the "Munich Roadrunners". Later I was a member of the "Munich Dip'n'Divers", the oldest of today's Square Dance Clubs in Munich. In 1979 I joined the "Tölzer Twirlers" as a charter member, where I also started to call in 1981.

In 1982 I became an Active Member of "ECTA", the European Callers And Teachers Association. By that time to become an Active Member of our Caller's Association one had to pass a test at one of the four major Jamborees conducted per year by "ECTA" and "EAASDC", the European Association of American Square Dance Clubs. In 1992 I joined "CALLERLAB", the standardization umbrella organization of callers worldwide. From 2004-2005 I worked on the ECTA Board as the Square Dance Coordinator, in 2006 I took over the new ECTA Board position EEP Manager.

In the coming years I was moving to Augsburg, where I joined the oldest of the clubs there, the "Bavarian Stompers". I was also schedule caller of that club during the years of my residence there. In 1987 I had my first "own" club: the "Munich Outlaws". In the same year I had been calling for the "Munich Swinging Bells". In 1989 I founded the first Square Dance Club in Erding, about 15 miles Northeast from Munich: the "Sunrise Swingers", so called after the Western Ranch where the club was meeting every week, the Sunrise Ranch. In 1991 the club split, and we founded the second Square Dance Club in Erding, the "Square Dance Club Erding", today called the "Duke Town Promenaders". In December of the same year I started calling for the "Arizona Sundevils", who changed their name to "Munich Square Devils" in January 1992. In 1994 I became the club caller of the "Westsiders Planegg-Krailling". In 1997 I started calling for the "Dancing Moorlights" (by that time time called "Square Dance Club Bad Aibling"). In April 2002 one could say I returned to my dancing roots: I became Club Caller of the "Munich Roadrunners" where I called until Dec 2006. In 2007 I became Club Caller of the "Dreaming Igel" in Sauerlach, which I left in the beginning of 2014. 2014 I left the activity for more than two years.

In the summer of 2016 I went to dance for the first time again, on October 8, 2016 I first acted as a Caller again with a tip at the Bavarian Festival in Aichach. Shortly after this I was engaged as a Caller by the "Midnight Swingers" and by the "Duke Town Promenaders".

At the moment I'm calling once a month for the Plus club "Bavarian Diamonds" since May 2017 and also once a month for the Mainstream club "Jolly Jokers" since February 2018.

                Meet me in 2020:

Date Dance Hosted by Location
March 12, 2020ClubnightDancing MoorlightsWilling b. Bad Aibling
November 7, 2020Martini SpecialCorvinus DancersWiener Neustadt (Austria)

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