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Square Dance - friendship set to music!!!

What is Square Dance?

It doesn't take much to Square Dance: you only have to be willing to join a group to learn it! "Square Dance - friendship set to music" is what describes this hobby just marvellous.

Square Dance: one person is telling the dancers what they should do. This person is the "Caller" - and there are many, many ladies and gents all over the world doing this job. The dance came from the United States of America, but it spread all over the world. Today there are many Square Dance clubs overseas as well: one can find them in Australia as well as all over Europe, there are clubs in Asia and even in Africa!

Dancers always have to form groups of eight to dance together - the starting formation is a square - that's where the name comes from. When the Caller is starting the music and giving his commands, the dancers start to move within their group of eight - and no matter whether there are 16 or 1600: they are all doing the same thing at the same time! And they never know what comes next - this dance is not to be learnt by heart! To learn this dance one has to join a class - and there is surely one in your home area as well!

The calls that we use are standardized worldwide - that means that someone who had been learning this dance can visit any club in the world and join the group for a night - "friendship set to music"! And it's even not a problem of language: outside English speaking countries you can find many dancers who can hardly speak a full sentence in English! Instructions in classes are often given in the native language of the students - but they all learn the English terms for the calls - so a German dancer can also dance in Japan...

Visit some of my links below - they will surely lead you to a club close to your home!

Square Dance Links

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