Command: graphics

  GRAPHICS allows the Prt-Sc (Print Screen) key to print graphics screens.
  GRAPHICS runs in MS GRAPHICS compatibility mode.


  GRAPHICS type [options]

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  /B             Enable processing of CGA background color 0 palette
  /I             Print black as white and white as black (useful if lots
                 of dark areas on screen, to save ink / toner: will print
                 black where screen is white etc.).
  /LCD           ignored (not yet supported).
  /LOW           Do not load high (no MS option)
  /PRINTBOX:LCD  ignored (not yet supported).
  /PRINTBOX:STD  ignored (not yet supported).
                 (try using /LCD to get an explanation displayed).
                 These will allow you to set a screen width-to-height 
                 ratio other than 4:3, which is currently always assumed.
  /R             Print black as black and white as white.
  Supported printer types:
  You can use the following for type:
    HP PCL compatible: 
      HPDEFAULT          (HP PCL compatible)
      DESKJET            (HP PCL compatible)
      RUGGEDWRITER       (HP PCL compatible)
      RUGGEDWRITERWIDE   (HP PCL compatible)
      THINKJET           (HP PCL compatible)
    EPSON compatible:
      EPSON              Many impact/ribbon printers work with "EPSON"
    POSTSCRIPT compatible:
      LASERJET           (POSTSCRIPT compatible)
      LASERJET II        (POSTSCRIPT compatible)
      QUIETJET           (POSTSCRIPT compatible)
      QUIETJETPLU        (POSTSCRIPT compatible)
    Some of these are equivelent, such as POSTSCRIPT and PS.
  Unsupported types:
    IBM PC color ribbon printer (color1, color4, color8)
    IBM convertible thermal printer (thermal)
    IBM graphics printer (graphics[wide])
    IBM proprinter 
    IBM quietwriter

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  HP (GRAPH-HP - PCL) allows the following extra options:
    /1  Use LPT1 (default)
    /2  Use LPT2
    /3  Use LPT3
    /C  For 300 dpi instead of 600 dpi
    /E  Economy mode
    /R  For random instead of ordered dither
    /?  Shows the help
  PS (GRAPH-PS - Postscript) allows the following extra options:
    /1  Use LPT1 (default)
    /2  Use LPT2
    /3  Use LPT3
    /C  Compatibility mode (HP Laserjet)
    /E  Economy mode (only 50 % density)
    /?  Shows the help
  PIN (GRAPHPIN - EPSON) allows the following extra options:
    /1  Use LPT1 (default)
    /2  Use LPT2
    /3  Use LPT3
    /9  9-pin mode (120x72, with /C 60x72)
    /C  Compatibility mode (120x60dpi)
    /E  Economy mode (only 50% density)
    /R  Use random dither, not ordered one
    /X  Send print data for whole lines instead of in blocks
    /?  Shows the help
    After loading the driver you can print screenshots using 
    'shift - PrintScreen' even in graphic modes.

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  graphics HPDEFAULT /low /I /E /1

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  Please read this command's lsm file also.
  You will find the updated version (internet) here and
  the version described in this manual page here.
  The lsm file contains information about the name of the programmer,
  the download site, and some other command related information.

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  Copyright © 2003 Eric Auer, updated 2008 by W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.