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Welcome to the FreeDOS Help (hhstndrd 1.0.7a en)

For information on using Help, press F1 or click on Help on Help
with the mouse.
For basic information about FreeDOS click here. 
With the following commands you get help while using FreeDOS:

  apropos       fasthelp      fdhelp        fsuite04      help
  htmlhelp      whatis

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These external commands require an existing file in order to work:

  append        apropos       assign       (atapicdd.sys) attrib
 (backup)       callver       cdrcache.sys  chkdsk        choice
  command       comp          country.sys   cpidos        ctmouse
  debug         defrag        deltree       diskcomp      diskcopy
  display       edit          edlin        (emm386)       exe2bin
  fasthelp      fc            fdapm         fdhelp        fdisk
  fdshield     (fdxms.sys)   (fdxms286.sys) find          format
  freecom       fsuite04     (gcdrom.sys)   graftabl      graphics
  graphics-ps   help         (himem)        himemx        htmlhelp
  jemm386       jemmex        join          kc            kernel.sys
  kernel-devel  keyb          keycode       keyman        klib
  kpdos         label         lbacache      listxdef      mem
  mirror        mkeyb         mode         (modecon)      more
  move         (mscdex)       nansi.sys     nlsfunc       print
  printer.sys   printq        recover       replace      (restore)
 (scandisk)     scankbd      (setver)       share         shsucdx
  sort          subst         swsubst       sys           tdsk
  tickle        tree         (udma.sys)    (udma2.sys)   (udvd.sys)
  uide.sys      undelete      unformat      whatis       (xcdrom.sys)
  xcopy        (xdma.sys)     xkeyb         xmgr.sys

[top] (External) [Command] [Config.sys] [Batch file] [Utilities] [Miscell.] [Network]

The following commands are internal to command.com and need no other file
in order to work:

  alias         beep          break         call          cd
  cdd           chcp          chdir         cls           copy
  ctty          date          del           dir           dirs  
 (doskey)       echo          erase         exit          for
  goto          history       if            lfnfor        lh
  loadfix       loadhigh      md            memory        mkdir
  path          pause         popd          prompt        pushd
  rd            rem           ren           rename        rmdir 
  set           shift         time          truename      type
  ver           verify        vol           which

[top] [External] (Command) [Config.sys] [Batch file] [Utilities] [Miscell.] [Network]

These are the config.sys / fdconfig.sys commands:

  ;             !             ?             break         buffers
  buffershigh   country       device        devicehigh    dos
  dosdata       echo          eecho         fcbs          files
  fileshigh     idlehalt      install       installhigh   keybuf
  lastdrive     lastdrivehigh menu          menucolor     menudefault
  numlock       rem           screen        set           shell
  shellhigh     stacks        stackshigh    switchar      switches 

[top] [External] [Command] (Config.sys) [Batch file] [Utilities] [Miscell.] [Network]

These are the Batch file commands (autoexec.bat):

  beep          call          choice        cls           echo
  for           goto          if            lh            loadhigh
  path          pause         prompt        rem           set

[top] [External] [Command] [Config.sys] (Batch file) [Utilities] [Miscell.] [Network]

The following Utilities which require an existing file in order to work 
are related to FreeDOS but not a part of the basic distribution:

  bootfix       cal           devload       dosfsck       doslfn
  fdpkg         fdrc          foxcalc       freemacs      locate
  md5sum        ospedit       password      pcisleep      pdtree
  rdisk         ripcord       shsufdrv      tee           touch
  trch          unzip         xgrep         zip

[top] [External] [Command] [Config.sys] [Batch file] (Utilities) [Miscell.] [Network]


  The display code page information pack, cpidos.
  The keyboard layout pack, kpdos.
  The autoexec.bat file and the config.sys file.
  How to use the mouse in the help.
  How to use the keyboard in the help.
  Understanding the Help Topic "Syntax".
  Other ways of getting help.
  Authoring resources.

[top] [External] [Command] [Config.sys] [Batch file] [Utilities] (Miscell.) [Network]

The following articles describe Networking under FreeDOS:

  History of DOS networking
  DOS networking today:
    * Novell Netware  * MS Client  * TCP/IP applications  * Others
  Installation of packet drivers or other compatbile drivers:
    * Packet drivers installation  * ODI driver installation
    * NDIS driver installation
  Loading the TCP/IP Kernel (Stack):
    * WatTCP  * NTCPDRV  * mTCP  * Other TCP/IP Kernels

[top] [External] [Command] [Config.sys] [Batch file] [Utilities] [Miscell.] (Network)

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Last modified date: 21st August 2011.

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