Command: htmlhelp

  HTMLHELP is this collection of FreeDOS help files in html format.
  Click here if you want to know how to use the help.


  HELP [options] [topic]

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  Basic Options:
  topic     Show help on this topic.
  /M        Force monochrome display.
  /F1       Use fancy colour scheme 1.
  /F2       Use fancy colour scheme 2.
  /A        Uses ASCII instead of extended characters.
  /Cnnn     Tell HELP the codepage is nnn, rather than let detect. 
  /?        Shows the help.
  Advanced Options:
  /O[path[file]] Overrides the help path.
            If no file is specified, index.htm is assumed.
  /Lfile    Loads a file other than index.htm relative to the help path.
  /Htopic   When the user presses F1 or clicks on "help on help" help 
            will load this file. Default is help.htm.
  Environment Variables:
  HELPPATH  Directory that contains your help files.
  HELPCMD   Put /M, /A, F1, F2 here to make them default.

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  HTMLHELP is also named HELP or HHSTNDRD. 
  Actual version: HHSTNDRD 1.0.7a en.
  In FreeDOS (not in internet) HELP consists of a DOS html viewer
  (help.exe) and the html help files.
  HELP supports NLS (national language support).

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  - none -

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See also:

  How to use the Help

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  Please read this command's lsm file also.
  You will find the updated version (internet) here and
  the version described in this manual page here.
  The lsm file contains information about the name of the programmer,
  the download site, and some other command related information.

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  Copyright © 2008 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.