Command: udvd.sys

  UDVD.SYS is a DOS driver for 1 to 3 CD/DVD drives, including SATA,
  UltraDMA and older "PIO mode" drives.
  UDVD.SYS has to be loaded in CONFIG.SYS / FDCONFIG.SYS.
  When FreeDOS is already running, you can load UDVD.SYS later
  with DEVLOAD.
  UDVD.SYS is out of date. There is NO MORE support by the author!
  You should use UIDE.SYS instead.


  DEVICE = [path] UDVD.SYS [/A] [/C] [/D:DeviceName] [/UX]
  DEVICEHIGH = [path] UDVD.SYS [/A] [/C] [/D:DeviceName] [/UX]

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  UDVD.SYS usually needs only /C for caching and /D: to specify
  a device name for the SHSUCDX "CD-ROM Redirector".
  UDVD.SYS switch options are:
  /A   Specifies use of ALTERNATE "legacy" IDE I/O addresses. See
       the /A description for UIDE.SYS.
  /C   Requests data-file caching by the UDMA driver. This causes
       "raw mode" input requests to be rejected, as UDMA requires
       sectors that are an even multiple of 512 bytes for caching
       ("raw" sectors are 2352 bytes!). If /C is omitted, "raw
       mode" input (audio, track-writers, etc.) will be accepted.
  /D:  Specifies the desired device name, used by SHSUCDX to access
       the CD/DVD drives. 
       Example: /D:CDROM1 /D:MYCDROM etc.
       Device names must be from 1 to 8 bytes valid for use in DOS
       filenames. If /D: is omitted, or the device name after a
       /D: is missing or invalid, UDVD1 will be used by default.
  /UX  Disables ALL UltraDMA, even for a CD/DVD drive capable of it.
       UDVD.SYS then uses "PIO mode" for every I/O request. /UX is
       rarely needed. It is mainly for tests and diagnostics.
  For each switch, a dash may replace the slash, and lower-case letters
  may be used.

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  On loading, UDVD.SYS tests up to 4 "Legacy" or "Native PCI" IDE
  controllers in order from primary-master to secondary-slave, and
  it runs the first 3 CD/DVD drives found. UDVD.SYS has switches to
  specify a driver name or to request other options. It handles file
  input requests from SHSUCDX or other "CD-ROM Redirector" programs
  like MSCDEX, etc. It also handles DOS "audio" requests and can
  "play back" audio CDs. If "raw" CD/DVD input is unneeded and
  UDMA.SYS is also loaded, UDVD's /C switch enables caching of data
  files through the UDMA driver!

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    c:\fdos\bin\SHSUCDX /D:MYDVD

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See also:


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  Please read this command's lsm file also.
  You will find the updated version (internet) here and
  the version described in this manual page here.
  The lsm file contains information about the name of the programmer,
  the download site, and some other command related information.

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  Copyright © 2007 Jack Ellis, updated 2011 by W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.