Networking FreeDOS - Other TCP/IP kernels

  Some other external TCP/IP Kernels can also be legally used and down-
    * Novell distributes its popular 16-bit TCP/IP protocol stack
      "TCP16.EXE" (see:,
      which runs directly atop of the ODI driver. A few programs like
      Josh's "Tiny" remote control software (see:
      and Tsoft's "NFS Clients for DOS" (see:
      software/) still use this kernel. 
    * Microsoft's "MS client 3.0" (see:
      Clients/MSCLIENT/) includes its own TCP/IP Kernel "TCPTSR.EXE".
      It also can be used by external programs. It may be useful though,
      to check memory requirements first. MS client's TCP/IP seems to
      consume a lot of conventional DOS memory.
  Please visit Microsoft and Novell for more information.

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