Networking FreeDOS - WiFi


  WiFi/wireless networking works with FreeDOS and some network adapters.
  It seems to be limited to 802.11b cards with a maximum of 11 Mbps.
  Encryption is WEP, so the network will be insecure.
  Wireless devices connected via USB can not yet be used with FreeDOS.

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Network cards that may work

  Cards that claim to have DOS drivers (no guarantees) are for
    * Cisco Aironet 352 (CSCOAIRPCM352) 802.11b
    * Cisco Aironet 351 (AIR-PCM351-RF) 802.11b
    * Cisco Aironet 352 (AIRPCM352R)
    * Cisco Aironet 352 (AIRPCM352B)
    * Alvarion BreezeNET PRO.11 (511410)
    * Alvarion BreezeNET PRO.11 (511419)
    * Motorola spectrum24 LA 4111 (LA-4111-1000-US) 802.11b
    * Motorola Spectrum24 LA-3021 (LA3021102FB) 802.11
    * Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B (WPC2011BWWP100) 802.11b
    * Proxim ORiNOCO Classic Gold (8410-WD) 802.11b
    * NetBotz (nbac0227) 802.11b 
    * Proxim ORiNOCO 11b (8422-WD) 802.11b 

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Packet drivers

  For the cards from Lucent (spin-offs: Avaya and Agere), f.i. the
  "ORiNOCO", Agere has written a working packet driver for DOS called
  WVLAN42.COM, that can be found here (see: http://www.szivarvanynet.

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Installation reports

  The installation of the Cisco Aironet PCM 3xx or LMC 3xx client adapters
  on a DOS system are described here:
  Roberto Perotti wrote an installation report (see: http://www.perotti. about the Orinoco/Lucent/Agere/Avaya cards and FreeDOS.
  Christof Lange reported to the Arachne list to have a Avaya PCMCIA card
  working in DOS (see:

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